We are very sorry to have to announce that Unlocked will come to an end; we tried to bring you a server where the LockedCraft Community could continue, but we have to admit defeat.

This shutdown is due to the cost of running a server and the limited donations we have received; it's just to expensive to continue to keep it up! We would like to thank all the players that have donated to Unlocked and helping us keeping it up for this long. We would also like to thank all the former LC Staff that helped us out in creating the Server in the beginning, and the current Staff-members for giving us their time to create something nice.

The server will go down Oct. 7th, and the website will remain a few months longer.

We hope everyone will be able to find servers that have the same kind of community LC had. Personally, I will miss seeing and talking to you guys/girls very much!


Matriarch and the ULC staff team.