This has also been posted on the front page shoutbox, however, as that will be buried over time, I wanted to post an additional copy of this here.
InteriorCamping wrote:
Now that LC's website has expired (and as it is no longer under enjin's Robots.txt), I am going to post a list of all LC forum threads scanned by the Internet Archive Society's bots over the last few years:*/*

Please note, the IAS' crawlers are only able to copy the website's HTML and any pictures hosted on the domain; most CSS, JS, and external images fail to load. This results in an imperfect copy of the material in most cases, however, the information will still be legible.

The IAS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit digital library that attempts archive all information on the planet (including books, and moderate to major websites); luckily, LC was major enough to be crawled automatically. For anyone who wants to support this project, the donation link can be found here: [ ]

I will also be attaching a link to this under the documentation tab.